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Comprehensive Paint Correction Services In Lawrence, KS

At Detail On The Go, our dedicated team of professionals prioritizes the utmost care and respect when it comes to treating your vehicle. We exclusively utilize premium materials and professional-grade products, guaranteeing uncompromised quality.

Experience the convenience of a ceramic coating, which not only streamlines and accelerates the vehicle cleaning process but also safeguards it against potential damage from external elements. Achieve the long-desired deep gloss for your car, previously unattainable.

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Exclusively Restoring And Protecting Your Paint

Healing Your Vehicles Skin

At Detail On The Go, our primary focus revolves around safeguarding and preserving the glossy, pristine appearance of your vehicle's paintwork. We address various issues like stains from environmental factors, minor abrasions such as rock chips, scratches, swirl marks, and dings, as well as concerns like oxidation and fading.

However, we understand that many vehicles already bear signs of such damage. Does this mean there's no hope for them? Absolutely not! Through our meticulous paint correction services, we can effectively reverse the clock on your vehicle, restoring its paintwork to a level of perfection previously unseen. This restoration process not only revitalizes your vehicle's appearance but also provides a pristine canvas for further protection using ceramic coatings or paint protection film, preserving its beauty for the long haul.

Even if you own a brand-new vehicle, you can still benefit from our paint correction services. Dealerships often lack the precise techniques and expertise found in professional automotive detailing shops, leading to scratches and swirl marks during their car washes or handwashing procedures before you even drive off the lot.

Regardless of your vehicle's age, consider entrusting it to our team at Detail On The Go for a comprehensive paint correction treatment.

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Paint Correction Packages

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Level 1 Paint Correction

Starting at $500


  • Includes level 1 exterior detail 

  • Paint decontamination

  • 1 step (or stage) polishing 

  • We aim for 75%+ defect removal

  • Includes paint sealant

How Does Paint Correction Heal Your Vehicle's Paint?

At Detail On The Go in Lawrence, we've noticed that many customers aren't fully aware of what paint correction entails and how it can significantly enhance the appearance of their vehicles. Allow us to shed some light on this crucial process and why it's essential for unleashing the full brilliance of your vehicle's finish.

Our paint correction packages address a range of imperfections that accumulate over time, including:

  • Swirl marks

  • Surface scratches

  • Holograms

  • Oxidization

  • Rock chips and dings

  • Other minor abrasions

  • Stains from environmental contaminants

These discrepancies on your vehicle's surface can gradually diminish its glossy appearance. Each scratch, swirl mark, or paint chip compromises the top coat, stripping away its shine. When these imperfections accumulate, they collectively dull the finish, leaving your vehicle looking lackluster.

But fear not! Our expert paint correction specialists are here to restore your vehicle's luster. Through meticulous attention to detail, we systematically eliminate these imperfections, revealing the true brilliance of your paintwork. By addressing each discrepancy, we bring back the glossy finish you fell in love with, ensuring that your vehicle shines like new once again.

Don't let your vehicle's beauty fade away under a layer of imperfections. Contact us today and let us revitalize your paintwork with our professional paint correction services. Experience the difference Detail On The Go can make for your vehicle's appearance.

Protect Your New Finish

After investing in rectifying scratches, stains, and other imperfections on your vehicle's paint, enhance its longevity by opting for our paint protection film or ceramic coating services at Detail On The Go in Lawrence, KS.

Our paint protection solutions preserve the pristine finish achieved through our meticulous correction and detailing work, offering durability against potential flaws and ensuring your vehicle maintains its fresh appearance for an extended period. Explore our range of paint protection packages to discover how they can safeguard your investment.

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