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Frequently Asked Questions

What if it rains?🌧️

Depending on your detailer's mobile van setup, there might be instances where we need to reschedule your appointment. Some of our DOTG mobile vans have a handy awning that shields your vehicle and our detailer from rain. But if your appointment happens when this feature isn't available, we'll work together to find the next best and most convenient time for both you and your detailer.

What about the winter?❄️

In the winter, when temperatures fall below a certain threshold, exterior washing may be postponed due to freezing conditions. However, rest assured that your interior detailing will proceed as scheduled, and to show our appreciation, you will receive a 10% discount on your service at that time.

What if I need to reschedule? 📅🔁

We understand your life is busy! If unforeseen circumstances arise or you require rescheduling, please note that your next detailing appointment will be billed based on our frequency pricing structure, outlined as follows:

  • Weekly (in a week): $59

  • Biweekly (in two weeks): $79

  • Monthly (in a month): $99

  • Bimonthly (in two months): $159

For example, if you are currently on our weekly schedule and need to cancel your next appointment, and resume in two weeks, the price will then be $79. If you decide to resume a month later, it will be $99, and so forth. Your convenience is our priority. To reschedule, click here.

What if I wasn't happy with my detail? 😥

If you're displeased with your detail, please let us know! We appreciate ALL feedback and encourage it. We will work with you to resolve the issue. To get in contact, click here.

What if I want multiple vehicles detailed? 🚗🚙

We offer discounts for the simultaneous scheduling of 2 or more vehicles at the same time and location, as detailed below:

  • One-Time: 10% Off

  • Weekly: 10% Off

  • Biweekly: 20% Off

  • Monthly: 69% Off

  • Bimonthly: 69% Off

Please keep in mind that for vehicles to qualify for these discounts, they must be pre-scheduled and set for detailing at the same time and location. To get in contact, click here.


How do I pay for my detail?💳💵

Generally, you'll make your payment once your detail(s) are done. We offer the flexibility to pay in cash, by check, or with a card. If you opt for card payment, rest assured that your payment details are securely processed by Stripe, a trusted and secure payment company. We want you to know that your information is never stored on any other websites, including It's all meticulously safeguarded by top-notch equipment, and we never share or charge anything without your prior consent.

Learn more about stripe here.

What if I need to cancel my plan?🚫

No worries! You have the flexibility to cancel at any time. We don't require clients to sign contracts, and there are no cancellation fees. To cancel click here.

Does vehicle size affect pricing?🚙🏎️

Yes, vehicle size does affect pricing. In most cases, mid-larger size vehicles are subject to a 20% surcharge over our standard base pricing.

Smaller Vehicles
Mid-Size Vehicles
Large Vehicles
Every Two Weeks
Every Two Months

This pricing adjustment is based on the additional time and effort and materials required to detail larger vehicles compared to smaller ones. For example, in the summer it can be particularly challenging to efficiently perform an exterior wash on larger vehicles due to the extended surface area, which requires a more intensive washing process to prevent soap and water from drying prematurely.

What if I want to increase/decrease my detail frequency? ⭕✔️⭕

If you wish to adjust the frequency of your recurring detailing service, you can seamlessly transition to the next available schedule:

  • Weekly (every week): $59

  • Biweekly (every two weeks): $79

  • Monthly (every month): $99

  • Bimonthly (every two months): $159

For instance, if you currently have a monthly detailing plan and prefer to shift to a bimonthly schedule, your next detailing appointment will be in two months priced at $159. Conversely, if you'd like to have your vehicle detailed more often at twice a month, your next appointment will be in two weeks, priced at $79. To change the frequency of your plan, click here.

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