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Welcome to Detail On The Go

Mobile Car Detailing Specialists in St. Louis

We're St. Louis' expert mobile car detailers. We specialize in everything from car cleaning to paint correction, ceramic coating, boat detailing and more!


Enjoy $10 off your first mobile professional detail. Valid through Mar 16, 2024 on all packages.

In St. Louis, expert auto detailing comes straight to you.

Are you ready to sink inside smooth, gently conditioned leather seats, fluffy fresh deodorized carpets, softly steamed trim, gleaming windows, beautifully waxed wet polished paint on top of swift glossy jet black wheels?

Get your car detailed more often, for less.

For a variety of individuals with different preferences and needs.

  • ​​Interior Detailing

  • Wash & Wax

  • Your Location📍

  • Weekly/Monthly/Yearly

  • Starting at $69

  • All Year

"It's never been so convenient to get your car detailed at your location before."

Your detailing experience is hand crafted based on what your vehicle specifically needs and requires.

We've created a comprehensive detail service within an affordable price that can be consistent all year long at any location.




Easy payment


Multiple Options


Of our clients have memberships.*


Of our customers have requested our services multiple times*

As of November 2023*

Find the best detailing services for your precious car in St. Louis.

At Detail On The Go, we provide comprehensive interior and exterior detailing services. Our team of professionals meticulously cleans every inch of your vehicle, ensuring a top-to-bottom, inside-and-out transformation. From wheel wells and trim pieces to door jams, we pay attention to the smallest details. Our advanced detailing services are designed to restore your car to its pristine condition, leaving it looking as fresh as the day you brought it home.

Detail On The Go serves several locations around the St. Louis area. To book your next service, call us at (785) 615-6156.

Professional Boat Detailing in St. Louis

Does your boat need some love?
Detail On The Go provides comprehensive boat detailing services in KC. From weekly washes to specialized treatments and coatings, we ensure that every aspect of your boat is meticulously cleaned and maintained.​

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