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You should always drive a comfortable vehicle.

We're here to make that happen.

Why Become A Member?

No Long Term Contract

Convenient Recurring Billing & Scheduling

Member Only Discounts & Offers

Consistently Clean and Comfertable Vehicle

Regular Vehicle Health Checks

Recurring Car Detailing:
Designed for Solo Drivers and Families Alike


$99 monthly

+ Vehicle Size Add-On

$69 Add-On Car



$159 every 2 months

+ Vehicle Size Add-On

$109 Add-On Car



Every Week

+ Vehicle Size Add-On

Family Add-ons


  • Recurring detail maintenance, quarterly protective detailing services, semi-annual deep detailing services

  • Your vehicle's oils, fluids, and computer systems are reported to you on a regular basis

  • You don't have to think about scheduling or bringing your car anywhere

Your Member Experience

Why Become A Member?

Initial Signature

Regular Maintenance

Quarterly Protective Detailing

Semi-Annual Deep Detailing

Lets get started!

  1. Click the "Get Started" button below and select your vehicle type

  2. Enroll in a membership and connect your preferred payment method

  3. Your recurring appointments are now made, and you will be notified prior to each appointment

  4. Congratulations, you are now a Detail On The Go Mobile Member!

Why Does Detail On The Go Provide A Membership?

DOTG's goal is to keep your car clean and life simple on a regular basis by consistently bringing you comfort from your vehicle and maintaining it's value through the years.

By extracting everything a car owner needs to take care of their car with the upmost class, DOTG promises you a year full of incredible driving.

  1. Members have a clean vehicle, all year-round

  2. Members receive the perfect amount of clay bar treatments, wax, and other detailing essentials each year 

  3. Members receive services at an affordable price

  4. Members do not have to worry about scheduling or calling in

  5. All mechanic work is done by trained professionals, in a clean manner with no waste or mess left behind.

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