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Boat Detailing

With safety as our top priority, our buffing and polishing services are focused on the accessible sections of the boat. Regrettably, we may not be able to reach the entire underbelly. Please note that our pricing takes this into account.


Limited Availability on Weekends


Your Summary


Regularly washing your boat every week is an excellent way to maintain its appearance between major waxing and detailing sessions. During a weekly wash, a detailer will conduct a comprehensive cleaning from the waterline upwards. This includes washing the boat from bow to stern, top to bottom, and providing a quick cleaning of the hatches, compartments, tracks, and underneath the vinyl seats.

In addition, the detailer will clean and wipe down all metal, windows, and isinglass to ensure that the boat maintains its sleek look. Since the boat should not be too dirty during a weekly wash, this practice helps to keep the boat looking great week after week.

$10 Per Foot


Included Interior Services:
Vacuum Boat

Shampoo vinyl/leather seats

Wipe down vinyl/leather seats

Clean all cup holders, tables and storage
Extensive interior cleaning

Clean windows

+$10 - $15

Per Foot







  • My appointment may be moved/rescheduled depending on weather conditions and/or mechanic availability..

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