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It's about you and your customers...

What can this unique partnership achieve for you and your customers?

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Enhance Customer Loyalty and Service Revenue

Are you interested in your customers returning for servicing while increasing your service revenue? Let's consider how Detail On The Go may help.

What's in it for you?

Directing Clients Back to You:
At Detail On The Go, we're more than just a car detailing service. Our commitment to your business is unparalleled. After each detailing service, our customers receive notifications and reports on their vehicle's condition. When their vehicle's oil needs changed, tires rotated, or any other issues are detected, we'll guide them back to your business for the required service, ensuring their vehicle's health while boosting your service revenue.

Detail On The Go app

An example of a detailed client vehicle report

Affordability and Convenience For Your Clients:
We offer unbeatable membership pricing, making it easy for your customers to have their vehicles detailed regularly without breaking the bank. Our mobile service brings the detailing experience directly to your customers, wherever they are.

Comprehensive Services:
Detail On The Go provides a full range of services, from a comprehensive interior detail to a gentle hand wash for the exterior, along with wheel and rim cleaning. We also perform a thorough vehicle health assessment, checking essential factors like oil level, tire treads, coolant, computer diagnostics, and engine status.

Vehicle Enthusiast-Friendly:
Our membership plan attracts customers who are passionate about their vehicles and committed to maintaining them, both visually and mechanically.

Happy guy in a clean car

We sincerely welcome your consideration on this potential partnership. Regardless of your decision to collaborate with us, rest assured that we will maintain our commitment to delivering exceptional care to your esteemed clients and offering them all our finest features.

Car detailing memberhsip flyer

Why Wouldn't You Try Our Beta?

It's free, easy, passively keeps and generates more business, and makes customers happy. 




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